You are asked to read a number of journal articles and write a paper to describe your ideas about one specific aspect of security (or privacy)

You are asked to read a number of journal articles and write a paper to describe your ideas about one specific aspect of security (or privacy). You are asked to describe

• the history of the topic and evolvement in healthcare,

• the current situation according to the literature,

• the existing security and privacy challenges, • current solutions to these challenges, including specific examples or case

• current solutions to these challenges, including specific examples or case studies

• the trend of future development and your vision on this specific issue,

• your recommendations and conclusions. Each of these should be presented in one section with proper section title. Here are more specific requirements of the paper.

• Font size: 11 or 12 for all contents (including the title), Times New Roman only, single space, 8-12 pages (not including the pages of the references).

• Top-bottom and side margins: 1 inch.

• Do not include a cover page. Starting your paper with a title from the top of the first page and your name right below the title.

• Do not create extra space among lines, paragraphs, or sections.

• Do not use a lot of diagrams downloaded from the Internet, 3-diagram is the maximum. Do not let one diagram to occupy one full page. The maximum size of a diagram is half a page.

• It is strongly recommended to use EndNote to manage your references. Extra points (5) will be provided if you use EndNote to insert your references into your article. Use your own words to write the paper, never copy sentences from anywhere else. If you do want to quote some sentences, such as definitions, limit the quotation to 200 words for the entire article and also indicate the quotation with quotation marks. Otherwise, you will receive 0 directly


identifying four major sociological theories of Sociology – Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Interactionism and another sociological theory

For this assignment please write a 5 page paper (not including title/reference pages), identifying four major sociological theories of Sociology – Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Interactionism and another sociological theory of your choice either discussed in the text and/or in lecture. For complete assignment directions please refer to the course packet.

What key strategies did Bezos use to grow the company in just 17 years

In 1994, Jeff Bezos launched, initially as an online book retailer. In 2011, the company reported $48 billion in revenues. Answer the question that follows in detail: 1. What key strategies did Bezos use to grow the company in just 17 years? Use credible sources and research to support and explain. Make sure you format your papers in proper APA 6th. Be sure to properly cite your sources inside your text using APA 6th citations rules as well as proper APA referencing guidelines in your “References” (bibliography) section at the end of your papers. Your written weekly assignment paper should be at least 1,000 words in length.

Crime scene investigator and are working a homicide scene

Part 1. You are the crime scene investigator and are working a homicide scene. You will select any ONE of the following type of criminal events listed below and explain in detail how you would document the crime scene, collect the evidence and the approach used to process and assess bloodstain evidence at a crime scene. For example you may wish to follow the Decision Map with explanation and examples. Be sure to provide Bloodstain characteristics and Analysis, etc. The following scenes A through C are general descriptions, you may add any additional information, evidence, you wish to complete the scene to your needs, such as time frame, weather conditions, etc. Crime Scene A: You have a shooting situation inside a home. A male is found lying on his bed to his left side, with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head, the weapon is on the floor. The bed is directly against the wall of the bedroom. You have bloodstains on the weapon, bedding, victim and wall. Crime Scene B: You have a shooting situation in which the male victim is found sitting in the driver’s side seat slumped over the steering wheel, he had been shot in the back of his head multiple times. You have blood stain evidence on the steering wheel, driver side door, driver side window, and windshield and in the rear of the vehicle on the floor and rear seat. Crime Scene C: You have a female victim found lying in a hallway vestibule of her apartment building. She has knife wounds to her neck area, abdomen, to her right side, both of her hands and forearms. She is lying in a pool of blood between the entrance door from the outside and entry door leading to the interior of the apartment building. The inner vestibule has on one wall a buzzer entry system with the apartment listings. The entry doors are made of wood that border large glass windows. You will find bloodstain evidence on all the walls, floor and doors and buzzer system. Part 2: Courtroom testimony: You will defend your actions involving bloodstain evidence within a courtroom environment. This aspect of the assignment will be addressed as a crime scene technician. You will answer the questions posed to you by the prosecution and the defense. You will manage this part not as a scientific expert, but defending your actions in processing the crime scene. [DE-direct examination on witness stand by the prosecutor] [CE-cross examination on the witness stand by the defense] You will base your responses on the crime scene you selected above. Direct Examination by Prosecution: DE-1: What is your job title, what type of crime scenes have you been processed and how long have your been in your current postion? DE-2: What type of training do you have in this field? DE-3: How did you get your assignment to go to the crime scene? DE-4: When you arrived at the scene, who did you meet and how was the scene secured? DE-5: Can you explain to the jury what you mean by processing a crime scene for bloodstain analysis? DE-6: Can you explain to the jury why you collected the bloodstained evidence from this scene? Cross Examination by the Defense: CE-1: Can you explain how you documented the bloodstain evidence you collected? CE-2: What were you told by the detectives about the crime scene? CE-3: Is it fair to say, you identified and collected bloodstain evidence based on what the detectives told you? CE-4: Did even look for evidence that could show or demonstrate that someone other than my client committed this crime? CE-5: is it possible that cross-contamination occurred at any point in your collection of the evidence or during the analysis of the evidence? The Final Essay must be at least 1500 words total for Part 1 & 2. The student must utilize APA format and utilize at least (4) scholarly references.

Prepare a budget presentation to give to the executives of the company

For this week’s assignment, you will be using the information from your week 2 memo. In week 2, you were asked to explain to your employees what you were looking for in a budget. Now you will need to utilize this information to report to your bosses. Please prepare a budget presentation to give to the executives of the company. Please be aware, I am not asking you to prepare an actual budget. I would like a PowerPoint presentation describing what you need money for and why. While this is a fictitious report, you need to provide valid justifications for your requests. Chapter 18 discusses they type of information that would be useful in this type of presentation. This type of presentation is often used to project the future success of the company and could be presented to investors and stockholders as well. Make sure to include a reference page using APA format!

Global communication

This week we are focusing on global communication. I have listed several journal articles to give you some background on this topic. I would like you to write a 3-5 page paper with global communication as your topic. I am going to leave the details of this paper up to you…it just needs to involve global communications in some way. You could choose to cover the topic in a broad way, or you could choose to focus on a particular company and explain their methods of communicating globally. As long as your paper is well written and researched, you can decide. Kok, A.(2010). Demystifying Organizational Learning: A Case Study of IBM’s Corporate Volunteer Program. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning, 896-604. Hollenbeck, C.R., Zinkhan, G.M., French, W., & Ji Hee, S. (2009). E-Collaborative Networks: A Case Study on the New Role of the Sales Force. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 29(2), 125-136. Vasilchenko, E., & Morrish, S. (2011). The Role of Entrepreneurial Networks in the Exploration and Exploitation of Internationalization Opportunities by Information and Communication Technology Firms. Journal of International Marketing, 19(4), 88-105. doi:10.1509/jim.10.0134 Motiwalla, L., & Hashimi, A. (2003). Web-enabling for competitive advantage: A case study of Himalayan adventures. Hershey: IGI Global. Croasdell, D., Fox, A., & Sarker, S. (2003) Systems development by virtual project teams: A comparative study of four cases. ().Hershey: IGI Global. Paper must include: Cover Page 3-5 pages content Reference Page Wikepedia is not an acceptable source for this paper should you choose to use additional sources. Formatted and referenced using APA style (see Policies) You will receive a grade for this paper based on the scores from the following rubric